[Bf-committers] New tasks for the modules - need help with details / descriptions

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 16:49:24 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Brecht and I went over the list of modules (T63725), and their listed
tasks. Most modules had a few tasks missing, tasks that we knew were
part of the module roadmap yet was nowhere to be seen. We also shifted
some tasks around, besides creating new ones.

This should help us all to prioritize our work, to give everyone a big
picture of where we want to move, and to welcome new developers to get
involved in projects that are already in our sight.

No task should come as a surprise since there are tasks we all
discussed in the past here and there, just failed to make them public
in our open channels.

Thus the following list are the tasks that were not in
developer.blender.org yet. Please help fill in the blanks, adding to
the tasks information about our latest design discussions on them.

If you want to see them as clickable link, go to:

Tasks that need a better description / more details

User Interface
* T68884: Keymap system refactor
* T68885: Customize favorite panels in the viewport

Mesh Modeling
* T68886: Performance issues for edit mode and highpoly meshes
* T68887: Text object editing rich text and UI/UX
* T68888: Ngons with holes
* T68889: UV Mapping Improvements
* T68890: Metaball fixes
* T68891: Per-Mesh Subsurf with OpenSubdiv
* T68892: Custom normals polishing
* T68893: Smooth shading usabilty

Sculpt, Paint & Texture
* T68894: Layered and procedural texture painting tools
* T68895: Replace texture nodes system with shading nodes for brushes
and modifiers
* T68896: Texture painting usability
* T68897: Multi-layered image support
* T68898: Layered sculpting
* T68899: Multires - don't use optimized sculpt data when multires is enabled
* T68900: Mask Display and editing does not work with modifiers

* T68901: Motion path viewport editing
* T68902: Animation layer
* T68904: Animation 2020 feedback from studios
* T68905: Motion path revamp
* T68906: Animation fine-tuning sculpting
* T68907: Node based rigging
* T68908: Faster animation playback
* T68909: Faster motion path
* T68910: Pose library polishing
* T68912: Frame-by-frame animation tool polishing

Render & Cycles
* T68921: EEVEE baking
* T68915: Light groups
* T68924: OpenEXR pipeline improvements
* T68925: Batch baking pipeline I/O

Data, Assets & I/O
* T68933: Per-Collection I/O data for re-import/export
* T68934: Data management for complex scenes
* T68935: Unifying I/O importing and drag and drop
* T68936: Faster I/O
* T68937: USD integration
* T68938: Blender performance with many objects
* T68939: GLTF unittests
* T68940: Per-viewport collection visibility
* T68941: Collection visibility animated
* T68942: Group operators cleanup
* T68974: Collection usability

Python & Add-ons
* T68976: Addons repository
* T68977: Drawing API improvement

Nodes & Physics
* T68978: Depsgraph integration of physics
* T68979: Decouple physics and animation clock

Platforms, Builds & Tests
* T68983: Make developer
* T68984: Steam / Windows Store publishing integrated into our tools
and documentation

EEVEE & Viewport
* T68989: Selection future-proof design
* T68990: Vulkan support
* T68991: Fisheye / panorama in EEVEE
* T68993: Stereo Panorama in EEVEE
* T68994: VR design / usability
* T68995: VR input integration and mapping
* T68997: Panorama selection support in viewport
* T68998: Virtual Reality (XR/VR/AR/MR)

These are the tasks that were previously there but needed a description.
Or in some cases they were a link to wikipedia.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture Module
* T68928: LookDev: Add a HDRI brightness slider to the pop-over
* T68929: LookDev: Add option to set the background color

Render & Cycles
* T68914: Adaptive subdivision
* T68916: Many light sampling
* T68917: Texture cache and mipmaps
* T68918: Blue noise dithering
* T68919: Scrambling distance
* T68920: Reduce shadow terminator artifacts
* T68922: Displacement baking with Cycles
* T68923: Vertex color baking with Cycles
* T68926: Color Management Improvements

Nodes & Physics
* T68980: Everything nodes

Platforms, Builds & Tests
* T68985: Update artwork for Windows installer
* T68986: Keep older buildbot builds

That aside, sorry for bombing everyone's email while creating these
tasks. Things should go back to normal now.


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