[Bf-committers] Update on Blender NPR Line Rendering GSoC Proposal Draft

Wu Yiming xp8110 at outlook.com
Wed Mar 14 15:11:45 CET 2018

Dear developers,

I’m YimingWu, the student who proposed some valid upgrades on blender’s freestyle several weeks ago.

During the time between classes I have made some progress on implementing two of those potential *realtime* line rendering algorithms and the result turns out just fine by now. If you are interested in how things are going to integrate into blender’ viewport, I will then post some designs on the user interface and RNA api.

To see the latest update please click the link to my proposal page 😊  http://www.wellobserve.com/#!NPR/2018Summer/Proposal.md I believe this link is also available to blender’s GSoC supervisor because it’s also updated there.

If we are to do this well then suggestions are all welcomed and will be considered. Reply this mail in the mail list or send me personal email both works.

Xp8110 at outlook.com<mailto:Xp8110 at outlook.com>

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