[Bf-committers] Blender modeling and viewport perfomance in blender 2.8

Alberto Velázquez alberto3d.1984 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 12:06:07 CET 2018


I want to ask about Blender perfomance in the future Blender2.8, actually
Blender have problems editing meshes with medium triangles (50k triangles)
models that actually you can see in videogames without problems.

It's a recurrent topic in Blender community, the problems with editing
perfomance in Blender, the perfomance in big scenes and seeing models with
a lot of triangles. The lack of proxies to reduce load (or use LOD for
proxies), other users talk about problems when blender have a few

The main points are:

- Bad perfomance editing meshes with 50k triangles. When sculpting this
meshes is not a big problem ¿Will we see improvements in this part? Other
software can edit meshes with millions of triangles without problems ¿It's
a problem of the lack of multrithreading CPU, GPU perfomance, bad
implementation or an intrinsic blender problem?

- Viewport perfomance in object mode with dense meshes or a lot of objects.
I understand that workbench could address this problem making new view
modes to sculpt and modeling, but until we have information about it ¿Will
we see a optimized mode of view with minimal perfomance impact and
improvements in this part?

- ¿Could we see a proxy system to reduce load in big scenes? maybe a simple
LOD option that allow to see only LODs in viewport instead of the full

- Some users have problems with their graphic cards, e. g. M5000, a really
expensive card, have worst perfomance that a GTX1060 ¿It's a specific
problem of some cards or lack of support of some libraries?

Warm Regards

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