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ol@ogeem.be ol at ogeem.be
Mon Jun 18 16:00:26 CEST 2018

hello Ton and other follow members of the blender dev community,

following the recent waves of privacy related issues and sensorship/service suspension by big platform used by the blender foundation projects and others, I was willing to port a little bit the attention on the efforts actually taking place by the libre software movement that looks very interresting and even thrilling by all the ideas it can generate.

I'm specially talking about the ActivityPub protocol now included in the W3C standards used by (most notably) the distributed social media Mastodon (https://joinmastodon.org) and now in rapid development the PeerTube video sharing system. (https://joinpeertube.org)

I have read that it has been mentionned on twitter to some (with apparently no/negative reaction) but it would be a good idea to look at these projects not as "the new hyped startup projects around the corner" but as "goal co-oriented" long term efforts from a variaty of developers and communities to build solutions that are viable and ethical, respecting users privacy and being open and interoperable.
f.ex. there are new projects making "instagram-like photo publishing" (https://pixelfed.social/) or "community driven audio player" (https://funkwhale.audio/) that are embarquing in the activityPub wagon, as well as people talking to adapt Gitlab to be able to federate git repositories (to create a free federated git hub)

as opposed to other privately owned communication protocols and platforms, these are the ground base for a long term development of tools and interconnected systems that won't be closed tomorow because of some strategic merge decided by some boardmembers looking at their monney accounts...

in term of public reach, it is of course actually not in par with private venues, but compared to a sensored channel , something is always more than nothing ;)
so please consider looking at these in term of interresting development and probably good backup system for begining ? (it's possible to cross publish to youtube and peertube, or twitter and mastodon f.ex. )
but you can actually already find some blender related tutorials and also some David Revoy videos... the number of video is raising to 10K now... while the project is 2 month old... ;)

they are explaining the project quite well in the croudfunding campain running now (with a video embeded from peertube itself)

the developers of PeerTube are willing to help the foundation to setup an instance when needed, (see this conversation in french we had https://mamot.fr/web/statuses/100224968401959267) as the technology is becoming more stable and it really feels like there is a need for an alternative.

gitlab sources at https://framagit.org/chocobozzz/PeerTube

the team is located in France so it can be easy to have afk meetings with them even.

I must say I'm just here as a user and thinkerer of blender and the mastodon software, not as any representative of anything... but generally I'm quite efficient at discerning good ideas ... and these are excelent to connect together ;)

I'm not here to start a discussion, I won't participate in a debate, but just wanted to shed some light on valuable tools that could be solutions and great opportunities and make the connections... please contact the relevant persons to further the ideas.

thanks for reading,
happy blending and coding,


(follow me on mastodon @Olm_e at mamot.fr )

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