[Bf-committers] Code quest weekly meeting notes - 2018-06-15

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 09:59:28 CEST 2018

Code Quest #10 Weekly
15th June, 2018

The weekly wiki notes are currently on hault because of the wiki transition.

Here the highlights as presented by the contributors, as well as our week
special guest Lukas Stockner:

* Dalai:
 - Helped with GreasePencil code post (on hold).
 - Started on splitting GreasePencil modifier stack, to be taken over by
Antonio Vazquez.
 - Flexible header spacer separator.
 - Bug fixes.

* Campbell:
 - Physical keyboard keymap.
 - Persistent floating panel.
 - UI (user interface) buttons polishing.
 - Bug fixes.

* Sybren:
 - Alembic unittests.
 - Bugfix rigid bory world.
 - Started on fracture modifier merge implementation design.
 - BAT (Blender Asset Tracer) upgrade to support nested collections.

* Sergey:
 - Bugfix particles flickering for production.
 - Multithread parent hair combing (children following suit).
 - Edit mesh selection much faster.

* Brecht:
 - Pose animation performance boost
 - Collection visibility production issues.
 - UI and sorted bug fixes.
 - Cycles Ambient Occlusion node.
 - Patch review for Lukas (UDIM, ...).

* Jeroen:
 - Cleanup matcap UI
 - Remove Clay Engine.
 - Editmode "face" drawing improvements.
 - Anti-alias for workbench UI.

* Clément:
 - Revert xInitthread fix (better fix coming soon, to solve performance
issues on intel cards once and for all).
 - Centered flexible header spacer separator.
 - Fix MatCap for different field of view values.
 - Bug fixing (cached lightprobes still work in progress).

* Lukas:
 - Auto-detect Cycles environment textures aspect ratio.
 - Colorspace support in Cycles.
 - UDIM (Universal Dimension) support for:
 -- Viewport for EEVEE and Cycles, image editor, painting 2D.
 -- Painting 3D (work in progress).
 -- Pending: Baking, displacement.

* Bastien:
 - Transform, painting, sculpting bug fixes.
 - G.main cleanup (we are under 100 now!)
 - Material override support.

Read more about Lukas and Brecht's Cycles work this week:

Watch a new video by Pablo about "Interface Improvements":


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