[Bf-committers] Feature Request: Eevee Animate Shader Graph Values

Clément FOUCAULT foucault.clem at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 19:03:22 CET 2018

Hi Adam,

Animation of shader nodegraph parameters already work in realtime for most
of the parameters. The only exception I can think of is the normal map node
and the mapping node and nodegroups inputs.
For the later, you can plug another node into it.



2018-02-09 14:00 GMT+01:00 Adam Morris <ad.morris at live.co.uk>:

> Hi guys
> Long time user of Blender here. I've been testing out some of the latest
> 2.8 builds and it look like it's going to be awesome when it finished!
> I know it's very much a work in progress. But one feature that I think
> that really needs to be implemented in the final Eevee build is giving
> users the ability to render out images that update according to animated
> properties in the shader graph. Using a mix node to animate the opacity of
> an object for example.
> I know calculating such changes real-time in the view port would lead to
> some pretty major performance issues. But having the option to allow it to
> occur offline at render time, is going to be critical to the huge user base
> that will be planning to use Eevee as their main render engine. Something
> similar to the static bvh / dynamic bvh option already implemented for
> geometry in 2.79 maybe?
> Thanks
> Adam
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