[Bf-committers] T56226: Fresh Blender compilation fails on travis

bchepkwny bchepkwny at att.net
Wed Aug 8 08:44:15 CEST 2018

I was going to respond to your post based on the error.
If you check the ERROR MSG:/home/travis/build/miroi/blender_testing/blender/intern/cycles/render/image.cpp:217:17: error: ‘struct OpenImageIO::v1_3::TypeDesc’ has no member named ‘is_floating_point’
  if(spec.format.is_floating_point()) {

It says that the function call OpenImageIO,doesn't have a member function called "is_floating_point()".
Solution:Now can you check this path provided: "/home/travis/build/miroi/blender_testing/blender/intern/cycles/render/image.cpp" in your binary.
and on image.cpp file, find out if the floating_point function exists. If there is none, you can copy and paste a new image.cpp file with this function.

From,Benson c.

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Dear developers,

would you please have a look at this issue - I would be glad to get blender compiled on travis-ci virtual server.

Thanks, Miro

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