[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 planning notes 2017-06-12

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 11:08:18 CEST 2017

Hi, notes from todays 2.8 planning meeting.

= Last week reports =

* Bastien works on bugfixes and some tweaks

* Dalai fixes stuff, and reporting issues (draw manager, design for
dupli-groups in 2.8x)

* Campbell worked on Python manipulator API, working but depends on
C-side of operator API to be finished.

* Luca mostly worked on creating docs for the cloth & the
cache/particle proposal
 (still planning with Ton, not yet public)

* Sergey: spent time on 2.79 testbuild, sanitizing depsgraph iterator,
avoiding frequent flushes (ended up being a rabbit hole)

* Clément: Worked on Probes: Should be usable for testing. Only real
problems remaining are feedback loop of reflections
 (that looks quite bad) and weight blending (done in order not from
closest to farthest).
 Started Indirect irradiance grid but need a few days (1-2) to have
something working and usable
 (but not polished) it's not that hard as it seemed.

= This week's plan =

* Bastien: Plans to work on static overrides (was planned for last
week but got busy with other things).

* Dalai: Plans to Finish the dupli group design, publish and start
implementing it. Then pending tasks from previous week(s): tackle
render_to_image/render_to_view and clear my coding agenda as much as
possible to start usability issues in Draw Manager/Blender 2.8

* Campbell: Plans to work on manipulator/operator API & Py integration.

* Luca: Plans to push eevee hair to 2.8 branch, finish cloth document.

* Sergey: Plans to work on deg ownership (move it from scene to where
it actually belongs), and copy on write.

* Clément: Plans to finish irradiance lighting (indirect light) and
probes, and work on reflection probes/finish uber shader.

- Campbell

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