[Bf-committers] Fracture_modifier_integration: tightening the screws ( meeting )

Jens Verwiebe info at jensverwiebe.de
Fri Feb 24 17:39:18 CET 2017

Fracture_modifier_integration: tightening the screws ( meeting )

Hi folks.

You all know fracture_modifier ( called fm further ) is planned to be 
merged into Blender 2.8.
Some reviews already happened but are unfortunately a bit outdated ( 
https://developer.blender.org/D817 ).

To settle this all we are going to have a meeting on 5th of march right 
bf meeting ( around 5 - 6pm ), to get an insight about the current status:

- whats to be done at all
- who may be interested to give a helping hand
- possible ideas to get over some complaints

In general i propose to start following actions asap:

1) Ad hoc adapt the minor things complained about in D817 such as:

- blender codestyle
- using blender functions where possible
- other syntax/guidelined stuff thats "peanuts"

2) Discuss the bigger more intrusive changes:

- how to handle the "shards" subobjects
- get a proper way for fm to handle the versioning

To be clear, actual the fm branch is pretty nice compatible to master and
and the delivered branch builds can just be used as an official blender.
Fm is a now used in some productions and ppl where fully satisfied with
the imho well thought features and speed.

The biggest problem is that the main work is on the shoulders of Martin 
only ( C stuff ) and you all know how hard it can be to keep code well 
up without
having enough eyes looking over it.

Personally i even propose to merge in fm even before 2.79 to fullfil my 

Anybody is welcome to join IRC #blenderfracture for the meeting as well 
as for random



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