[Bf-committers] blender2.8 branch being taken too lightly (imho)

Luca Rood dev at lucarood.com
Thu Feb 23 07:58:43 CET 2017


I don't mean to cross any lines here, but I feel that this is important to be said.

As far as I'm aware, the blender2.8 branch is supposed to replace master eventually, and much of the development has moved there already.
Also, the word seems to be to keep blender2.8 stable, within reason.

With that in mind, it seems logical to take just as much care of blender2.8 as master. This is one of our main development branches, and shouldn't be treated as lightly as one's personal branch or such.

Despite that, and especially with the OpenGL immediate mode work going on, we continue getting commits that break Blender because of simple negligence.
For instance, often the UI gets mangled, or we even get segfaults because of simple OpenGL mistakes, that could easily be avoided if the code was actually tested at all.

I think everyone would appreciate it if we all tested our code before pushing it, to avoid at least the most obvious mistakes (a successful build does not always mean that stuff actually works :P ).
So this is just a reminder for everyone to please test stuff before submitting (at least a little bit...)

Again, I mean this just as a friendly observation :)
If I'm wrong about my interpretation of the purpose of the blender2.8 branch, please let me know.

Happy coding,


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