[Bf-committers] CMake version bump for blender2.8

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 31 11:05:07 CEST 2017


I don’t see why we'd make install_deps also handle custom installation 
of cmake! This is turning a bit (a lot) ridiculous.

CMake 3.0 is **three** years old alreay! I remember we were switching to 
recent versions of CMake much, much more quickly back in the days of 
CMake 2.8 area, as soon as we needed the update, never has been an issue 

And am pretty sure our 5 years old support is meant for hardware, not 
software - especially not compiling/building software! Because 
otherwise, you'd also might ask our current code to support 5 years old 
libraries… this is going pretty much nowhere. Software changes at least 
twice quicker than hardware.

Further more, this is purely a *building* dependency, not a running one. 
Am starting to be a bit tired of getting stuck to years old tools, or 
having to handle their installation ourself (and maintain stupid script 
for way too much distros). Doing that for libraries is already a pain. 
If you do not have the basic minimal knowledge of compiling, to the 
point you are not even able to install modern building tools on the 
purposedly deprecated OS you are using, then by all means, download our 
builds from the buildbot! Sergey spends a lot of time ensuring those 
binaries work on any distro, even rather old ones. Let’s not spend more 
time trying to pretend building a program can be as easy as installing a 
binary package.

So to summarize: I do not understand the issue here.


Le 31/08/2017 à 10:38, Dalai Felinto a écrit :
> Hi,
> Ubuntu 14.04 is "stuck" with CMake 2.8. It's a LTS so they won't
> upgrade their CMake. And it's still quite inside our 5 year support
> goal.
> What exactly do we need from CMake 3.x? If we really need CMake 3.0,
> can we at least update install_deps.sh to handle cmake as well?
> Regards,
> Dalai
> --
> blendernetwork.org/dalai-felinto
> www.dalaifelinto.com
> 2017-08-20 17:02 GMT+02:00 Jörg Müller <nexyon at gmail.com>:
>> Hi everyone,
>> a discussion about our cmake version has started after I merged audaspace
>> into blender2.8. Audaspace requires cmake 3.0 as opposed to blender's main
>> cmake file which so far requires cmake 2.8.
>> Now since a version bump has been in discussion already a year ago according
>> to Campbell, we think this is a good time to actually do it. Last time it
>> was postponed because Debian was not ready. So now I had a look at the
>> current versions of cmake in the major distributions [1]:
>> ubuntu (17.04) - 3.7.2
>> ubuntu LTS (16.04) - 3.5.1
>> debian (stable) - 3.7.2
>> opensuse (42.3) - 3.5.2
>> fedora (F26) - 3.8.2
>> pclinuxos - 3.7.2
>> centos (6) - 2.8.12 (3.6.1 in EPEL)
>> arch - 3.8.2
>> mageia (6) - 3.7.2
>> slackware (14.2) - 3.5.2
>> gentoo - 3.7.2
>> According to this list, pretty much everyone should be able to get at least
>> cmake 3.5 running. Therefore, I bumped the cmake version to 3.5 which allows
>> us to use newer cmake features now.
>> Cheers,
>> Jörg
>> [1] https://pkgs.org/download/cmake
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