[Bf-committers] Another try for "Weight from Bone Glow"

Gaia Clary gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sat Oct 31 15:15:29 CET 2015

Once in a while i visit this document  about "Weight from Bone Glow":


I slowly make progress with understanding the mathematics here. I also 
think that i have a "visual understanding" of how this works. However i 
still struggle with translating equation (5) into a program.  Maybe 
someone can find the time to translate this equation into some pseudo 
code or so ?

Then i maybe can translate this into an "Weight from Glow" Operator that 
work besides the existing "weight from Bone Heat" Operator. Of course if 
someone can do this in a snap, then i would not be sad if you just go 
ahead and make a patch :)

thanks for any feedback and help on this.

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