[Bf-committers] Addon guidelines (suggested update)

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 19:48:03 CEST 2015

Hi while looking over some of the newer add-on submissions,
its getting difficult to evaluate for inclusion.

There are a few reasons for this ...

- They're often small and do one thing (single menu item).
- Some are just ways to save some manual steps - calling a few operators.
- Some depend on a users own specialized work-flow.
- Others are just very specific, seem more like developer experiments.

Its great users are writing tools to improve their own productivity,
but a lot of these IMHO aren't significant enough to be included in
Blender (not even in contrib).

It makes review/rejection difficult because each time we basically say
"this add-on isn't very useful",
... where they're scratching their own itch (so to speak) and
obviously have a use for it.

Here's a proposal for text to accompany the add-on submission page on


While there is a lot of room to extend Blender in different ways,
please note that obscure functionality, minor changes or
tweaks for your own specific work-flow may be rejected for inclusion in Blender.

While there is great value in developing your own tools,
some additions don't make sense to include in the blender.org official releases.


Feedback welcome.

- Campbell

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