[Bf-committers] New Blender Developer

kernel-dev at apermund.net kernel-dev at apermund.net
Mon Aug 31 20:45:32 CEST 2015

Hi everybody,

I just recently started emailing the mailing list, but I have been hacking with Blender since early 2012, so I'm familiar with the code base. I never joined the mailing list or contributed code due to time constraints with other projects, but I would be glad to help in any way possible now if there's any module/project that might benefit from an extra dev or just a bug janitor. I am a somewhat experienced C/C++ programmer with OpenGL/GLSL, Linux, and X Windows programming experience among other tools/APIs. I also am familiarizing myself with Vulkan (still in development), the new API and standards that will eventually replace OpenGL. I hope I can help.

Best Regards,
Joshua Lotfi

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