[Bf-committers] Weekly Blender developer meeting notes, 30 August 2015

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 16:32:00 CEST 2015


Here are the notes from today's meeting in irc.freenode.net #blendercoders.

1) Upcoming 2.76 release

- Projects planning:

- It's too late for OpenVDB branch now, it'll be included into one of the
next releases.

- Previous week was fully spent on bug fixing, over 60 reports were
handled! That left us no time for testbuild1 tho.

- Meeting agrees it's a bit early for RC1, so we'll be doing Testbuild1 on

- List of reports to be looked before the release could be found
https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/project/54/query/open/ and
https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/project/38/query/open/. Please make
sure reports in your area are handled!

- Bastien Montagne volunteers to work on Bug Fixes section of the Release
Notes. Help with other sections is very welcome.

2) Other projects

- Bastien reports nice progress in his 'live ID replacing' and a method
restore lost data projects.

- Julian Eisel is working on the widget system (wiggly-widgets branch).
Design doc is coming soon!

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

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