[Bf-committers] Muscle Rigging MVP implementation

Yury Baranov cucumberer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 10:28:36 CEST 2014

Hi Patrice,

You're totally right - it's not physics-based, it's really a some shape
(not plane though) with weighting - it can be moved and deformed between
objects respecting their weights inside a modifier settings. For example if
sphere weight = 1 and torus weight = 0, then sphere is undeformed and torus
vertices are positioned on the sphere surface with all corresponding
deformations like bulge around collision.

2014-10-21 16:45 GMT+04:00 Patrice <patrice.bertrand.eu at gmail.com>:

> Hello Yury,
> Looking at the picture that illustrates the "collision deformer", I
> wonder whether this should be physics-based, or could be just a
> modifier.   It looks like the deformation could be achieved by a
> combination of some basic deform functions.   Consider a virtual plane
> that's halfway between colliding objects.  Then scale object's mesh on
> axis perpandicular to tha plane, with proportionnal editing and sharp
> fallout so that the vertices nearer to the plane get pushed outwards a
> bit.   Then bisect mesh at the plane.   And finally scale again, this
> time along the plane, still with proportionnal editing to create the
> sort of bulge.   I'm not saying a user ought to do all this, I'm saying
> this could all fit into a modifier quite easily, 2-3 parameters to set
> how much it deforms.
> Patrice.
> Le 20/10/2014 11:47, Yury Baranov a écrit :
> > Hi Zack! This feature is cool, but there are couple of things that must
> be
> > implemented to make muscle system usable:
> > 1. Sliding skin attachment. Maybe this can be done with shrinkwrap
> > modifier, but i'm not sure.
> > 2. Muscle collision deformers. Simple implementation of this
> >
> http://download.autodesk.com/us/maya/2010help/files/Collision_MultiObject_Collision.htm
> > would be fine, though.
> >
> > Of course, your work is the core part of muscle rigging, and I'm (and my
> > studio collegues) are totally happy that someone put startstone in this
> > feature implementation. Thank you very much!
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