[Bf-committers] Usability Suggestion for Pie Menu

- LEON - leon4you at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 17:44:15 CET 2014

My students who have recently shifted from Maya were experiencing a bit
"pain" with our pie menu behaviour comparing to Maya's pie. To be exact, if
the mouse is not moving before shortcuts released, then they have to either
click on one of the items, or press ESC or RMB to quit. I mean, this extra
click for confirmation seems unavoidable even for quit only, especially
when pie keys are mis-triggered.

Believe me, I know it was designed by design, and for good :), which may be
helpful for those who got no mouse (when playing with notebook, for
example). However, I bet that for the majority, "press-drag-release' flow
would be their first choice and used much more often than the
"press-release-click" flow.

So, I may propose to expose it as a toggle. Because, for those who totally
don't need it it can be more or less an efficiency killer, which they have
to bear with.

Thanks for your attention.

Leon Cheung
a.k.a. Zhang Yu | 老猫

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