[Bf-committers] Usability Suggestion for Pie Menu

Antony Riakiotakis kalast at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 00:09:21 CET 2014

I am not sure I understand what the request is here...Have an explicit
drag/click style option I guess?

On 24 November 2014 at 17:44, - LEON - <leon4you at gmail.com> wrote:

> My students who have recently shifted from Maya were experiencing a bit
> "pain" with our pie menu behaviour comparing to Maya's pie. To be exact, if
> the mouse is not moving before shortcuts released, then they have to either
> click on one of the items, or press ESC or RMB to quit. I mean, this extra
> click for confirmation seems unavoidable even for quit only, especially
> when pie keys are mis-triggered.
> Believe me, I know it was designed by design, and for good :), which may be
> helpful for those who got no mouse (when playing with notebook, for
> example). However, I bet that for the majority, "press-drag-release' flow
> would be their first choice and used much more often than the
> "press-release-click" flow.
> So, I may propose to expose it as a toggle. Because, for those who totally
> don't need it it can be more or less an efficiency killer, which they have
> to bear with.
> Thanks for your attention.
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> Leon Cheung
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