[Bf-committers] Multiview branch, updated status

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 17:26:15 CET 2014

This email is to address the point raised in the previous dev meeting.
Since I won't be online tomorrow here are my thoughts.

(from dev meeting)
"Note, officially Multiview has to migrate to master this week, has
that been planned?"

I think multiview can be merged to master if blender as it is (with
'Views" disabled) works as before (absolutely no regression and no
crashes). So the user that doesn't touch the "Views" panel shouldn't
experience any differences. That also means that, if due to
instability or  plain simple bugs, we think it's not ready for 2.73 we
can hide the UI panels and no harm is done.

At the moment there is only one known issue for that milestone, which
is proxies in the Sequencer. I started looking at it today, but I will
have to resume working on it on Monday only.

That means that, as soon as proxy is working (again, in non-multiview
mode), I can send the code for review and we merge as soon as another
core developer approves it.

After that, for multiview itself the missing bits are: proxies in
sequencer, some usability todos and other small bugs (e.g., to filter
out _L or _R when adding image strips).

Meanwhile if anyone wants to help testing it, (specially the
'non-multiview' mode), there are builds for the 3 major platforms in
64 bits:

Win 64: http://goo.gl/eucBWf
Linux: http://goo.gl/zOeGD0
OSX: http://goo.gl/1b6XmD

(if you want to build it yourself the branch is 'multiview' in the
official git.blender.org server)

I've been using my own github repository to collect bugs, but I guess
you can send me an email directly to report an issue in case you don't
have a github account.


(or we could use the blender tracker, but I'm not sure what is our
policy on reporting bugs in branches).


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