[Bf-committers] DNS down again...

Dan McGrath dan at blender.org
Sun Apr 13 04:28:17 CEST 2014

Just a heads up that for the past few hours that our DNS provider, PowerDNS.net, appears
to be down again. While some sites may still work fine due to our 24 hour TTL (cache)
on host names that you have recently done DNS lookups on, this will eventually expire
and leave you unable to contact the various blender.org servers.

Hopefully it doesn't last much longer, but you will probably know it is working again when
all of the email from normal mailing list trafic starts to get through (aside from this email
which was sent from the server itself).

I should also mention that our ISP has warned us about a brief network disruption on April 15
at 11am or so for a few minutes, but this should be over quickly enough that most people
probably wont notice.

Dan McGrath

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