[Bf-committers] Helper git hooks

Julien RIVAUD (_FrnchFrgg_) frnchfrgg at free.fr
Tue Nov 26 18:28:20 CET 2013

Le 26/11/2013 17:59, Sergey Sharybin a écrit :
> Crap could happen after the review when using `arc land` to push 
> reviewed patch. 

Arcanist would be a braindead tool then; pushing commits should never 
ever change them ! Of course, people could always do a commit --amend 
before pushing, or even put the Acked-By by hand even if they didn't 
really get proper review, but... I also think that the flag should be a 
new ad-hoc flag, as Merge-Acked-By or Submodule-Acked-By, to avoid 
normally reviewed patches to include mistakes; it is so easy to have a 
patch reviewed with "Review+ if you change this" and the submitter to do 
the change, include the Reviewed-By: header and push (with agreement of 
the reviewer) but then with a mistake that was never seen.

Anyway, I am just outlining what is possible in the unlikely case you 
didn't think of such possibilities; Blender will chose its workflows and 
policies and I'm nobody to force some upon you.


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