[Bf-committers] Patch to allow recording of static objects in game engine

James Yonan james at openvpn.net
Thu Nov 21 06:01:50 CET 2013

Some of you may have seen my 11 year old son Andrew present his "Marble 
Factory" at Blender Conference 2013 in Amsterdam last month.


What you may not know is that initially, the animation didn't work 
properly because of a limitation in Blender where the motion of static 
objects in the game engine (i.e. objects moved by logic bricks) is 
ignored even if recording is enabled via Game>Record Animation.

Luckily I was able to develop a patch to fix the issue, but 
unfortunately the patch has been languishing for months in the tracker 
without any attention.


How can I expedite the process of getting this patch accepted and merged?

The latest patch is blender-static-animate-3.patch and has been freshly 
rebased to 2.69 (and merges cleanly with master as well).

The Marble Factory animation is here:


Basically the whole animation would be impossible without this patch, 
because nothing would move except the marbles and the camera.  All of 
the moving non-marble objects are static objects animated by logic 
bricks, and Blender will not record the animation for these objects 
without the patch.


On 01/05/2013 03:32, Dalai Felinto wrote:
> Hi James,
> Could you upload the patch in the blender tracker?
> http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?atid=127&group_id=9&func=browse
> It's better to discuss eventual changes there
> (and an example file there would help as well).
> My only concern with the patch (and we are better off discussing that in
> the tracker) is that I would probably have a m_animate property
> (instead of objprop.m_static_animate).
> This way we don't need to check IsDynamyc() inside RecordAnimation().
> That also means that if you have a dynamic object and temporary disable its
> Dynamics (via logic bricks) the object will still has its movements
> recorded, which I think it's reasonable (it may already happen, not sure if
> the actuator affects the result of IsDynamic() - too late now for me to
> check the code ;).
> Nice video by the way.
> Thanks,
> Dalai
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