[Bf-committers] UI project and team

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Mon Nov 18 09:24:09 CET 2013

Hi all,

We are reestablishing a UI team to work on improving the Blender user
experience. Note that at the moment we do not have any developers with
a lot of time dedicated to working on the UI. So we will start with
small, easy to implement topics, or help developers that are already
working on functionality to get their designs improved and approved,
and try to grow from there.

Brecht Van Lommel and Jonathan Williamson will be leading the project,
managing things and making final decisions if no agreement can be
found. To keep it all feasible and to avoid people sinking time into
discussions that do not lead to actual implementation in Blender, we
will follow a strict process, see here for the details:

If you want to join the team as a UI designer: get involved in the
existing design tasks, write proposals on the wiki, or talk to other
UI team members on IRC.

If you want to join the team a developer, you can volunteer to
implement design tasks, pick up ideas from the wiki proposals, or come
up with own ideas. If you have patches waiting in the tracker that
were blocked by the lack of UI decision making, you can notify us and
we'll try to get the design and code reviewed. But note that it's
probably going to be quite busy for us starting up the project, so it
may take a while to get to your patch.


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