[Bf-committers] Cleanup of video/audio "rendering"

Jörg Müller nexyon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 13:37:37 CET 2013


as nobody else commented on this so far, I assume everybody is fine, so
feel free to commit the patch Bastien!


> Hi devs,
> Here is a patch that attempts to fix how to "render" audio-only in 
> Blender (see also bug #36819 http://goo.gl/TxVAFr ).
> http://www.pasteall.org/46557/diff
> Current situation: we can output audio-only files either with the 
> mixdown operator (Audio panel in Scene context), or by using an 
> audio-only format in FFMPEG's Encoding options, and render (yes! 
> _render_ ) the scene as usual, yet getting only an audio file... 
> Needless to say what to think about that latest solution!
> Proposed fix:
> *Remove audio-only format from FFMPEG Encoding options.
> *Move mixdown button next to the Render/Animation ones (and rename it 
> "Audio").
> Rational behind the second change is that people often "forget" the 
> Scene context, and do not find (easily) how to export audio! I know 
> Blender is in no way an audio editor, but exporting audio can still be 
> very useful in many situations, no need to hide it into an obscure, 
> closed by default panel. ;)
> Anyway, thoughts from UI team and all are of course welcomed! :)
> Bastien
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