[Bf-committers] Job stoppers! Need a decision urgent :(

Jürgen Herrmann shadowrom at me.com
Tue May 14 22:09:28 CEST 2013

I found new job stoppers on VS2012 ... Again!
First if all OpenAL is old (2009) and makes blender Crash on windows 8 64bit system, when blender is compiled with VC11.
Possible solution: switch to OpenAL-soft and. That could actually break 3D sound.

Second: Jack, same problem here'
Possible solution: Try to recompile libjack with newer MinGW and patches to the lib...
and hope that it works.

Another solution for both problems would be to stay with VC2008 or we don't support Win8 64 (bad choices IMHO)

We could also disable these libs and ship blender without them, I think this will bring us the wrath of many users...

I need help with this decisions.


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