[Bf-committers] Simplified Header Stats (with icons)

Harley Acheson harley.acheson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 17:20:58 CET 2013

> Why is the Memory statistics so important that it has to come first in
the row ?

It actually gets greater visual importance if put at the end.  But I put in
beside the version number because it is global like the version and never
shows usage of a single object while editing.  And having the string start
with items that are always shown makes it change less often. I personally
like that string ending with the active object name, and didn't like the
multiple dashes used in your example.

> I am also not sure about what the 2 memory values mean. I guess it is
file size and internal memory usage ?

Memory is currently shown as something like this "Mem:5.93M (0.11M)".  In
this example the total amount of memory in use is actually 6.04 Megabytes,
with 0.11 Megabytes of that in a memory-mapped file which is part of your
file system pretending to be RAM.  I have found very few people who know
what the two numbers mean, and almost none who recognize when the second is
important.  Which is why I would just show the total.  Most users will
understand why their system gets slow when the one number approaches the
amount of their computer's free memory.

> I made the Blender logo and the Version number more like one unit

Currently the Blender logo item is defined in a python UI file, as an
operator with icon and a blank label.  Then the statistics string is shown
after that, starting with the version number. So that funny gap can also be
closed by just moving the version number out of the string and into the
label of the python "wm.splash" operator.

> I separated file size to show in the Header near the file name

The file size isn't shown in the statistics string.


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