[Bf-committers] What is the status of YoFrankie?

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Wed Feb 13 22:29:57 CET 2013

 Maybe theres a way to use unity 3d to translate to bge because i have a networked fps multiplayer/ zombie survival you all may use for intel. Im not sure 100% but unity translates c# /java /py/boo script or w.e else and pc/mac/flash browser/iphone/android.. sorry i am not so informed but ithere is such a big community of open source scripts and starter kits. Just an idea hope it helps

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Date: 02/13/2013  11:12 AM  (GMT-08:00) 
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Subject: Re: [Bf-committers] What is the status of YoFrankie? 
I am interested, and would like to help if possible.

A fresh set of BGE demos would be lovely. With or without Intel's support.


On 2013-02-13, at 10:46 AM, Sinan Hassani <sinan.hassani at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> You are correct in that the details on how this would work is not clear 
> yet. I will discuss the details in my next meeting.
> Another important requirement for a game to get accepted is that it must 
> run at minimum 30 FPS on specific hardware they would use for evaluation.
> Sinan
> On 13-02-13 01:22 PM, Sinan Hassani wrote:
>> No 'exclusivity' with respect to the engine. As soon as a demo is 
>> release publicly, all code has to be released under GPL back to the 
>> BGE. Probably as patches for code review, not direct svn commits.
>> When it comes to the content and assets, part of the deal my include 
>> creating new python scripts, assets, levels, blend files, etc that 
>> would have to be exclusive to Intel for about 6 months. That extra 
>> content would have its own license for redistribution during that
>> period. After the period is over, I have to make sure the deal I have 
>> with Intel would allow the content to be licensed back to the public.
>> So details still have to be worked out to see if this is possible with 
>> YoFrankie! license.
>> We will also take special care to make sure we don't use any logos (no 
>> Blender logos, YoFrankie! logos, etc). Only attribution in the 
>> start-up screen will be given.
>> Sinan
>> On 13-02-13 12:42 PM, Tom M wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'd certainly recommend using Yo Frankie.  It has proven assets,
>>> proven game logic, etc.  So the amount of time you need to 'get up to
>>> speed' is much less.  Mostly just making sure things work well with a
>>> touch UI, and perhaps some work to improve quality.  You might also
>>> want to see if Pablo (who did a lot of the character and asset
>>> creation) is available.
>>> I'm not sure how you could manage 'exclusivity' though, since the
>>> content is CC licensed and the engine is GPLed.
>>> Good luck,
>>> LetterRip
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