[Bf-committers] Weight paint: display unreferenced verts in black instead of blue ?

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Thu Feb 14 02:32:53 CET 2013


This is about weight painting in blender compared to
weight painting in Maya:

In Maya:

Maya displays locations in black if the corresponding verts
are NOT member of the active vertex group. All  other parts
are displayed as usual (blue to red)

Maya also supplies a delete from group brush which allows
to remove verts from the current vertex group.

Both features are very intuitive and easy to use as far as i
can tell after playing a bit with it.


In blender:

Vertices which are not in the active vgroup and zero weighted
vertices are both displayed in blue. The only method (that i know)
to find out which verts are members of the current
vertex group is:

- go to edit mode
- unselect all verts
- select all verts from the current vertex groups.

If you want to know which verts are weighted to 0:

- go to weight paint mode
- enable vertex select mask

Now you can see all verts in the groups displayed as yellow
dots. If you want to remove verts from the group:

- go back to edit mode
- select the verts you want to remove
- remove from current group


What do you think about adding such a feature to Blender as well ?


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