[Bf-committers] sdl/glfw based GUI toolkit for Blender

Felipe Ferreira da Silva felipefsdev at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 22:38:52 CET 2013


In my opinion, Pascal developers have goods writing conventions. Too bad
this is not seen in programmer of another languages. =/ The best I saw from
most of C developers (what I am today) was put "C"s as prefix of every

***Little update***

I will commit the git repo page later, just implemented the alignment
system. Works nice, proper for working with layouts. Also, I improoved the
coordinates system (adjusted the OpenGL axis).

The bad news, I just decided to make a performance test putting more than
400 buttons on the screen. There was a little loss of performance (a case
of milliseconds of late response). First, I though it could be my "property
system", were all properties are stored in a list, having a string to hold
the property name (which is used to search the property later). I rewrote
the property for much smaller names, but didn't change so much the
performance. I think it is my FBO implementation, since switching from FBO
to FBO is a slow process. I will rewrite to create only two FBOs for the
entire application (a FBO for writing and other for reading), then, I will
only attach/detach the renderbuffers of each widgets on these FBOs.

Hope it works. =)

2013/12/17 Trouble Daemon <troubledaemon at gmail.com>

> > To write the conventions and rules of code, for later widget developers,
> I
> > still need to implement a small part of the code. If you have ever used
> > Delphi or Lazarus, you will get the idea of how it will be. The
> difference
> > is that to someone connect an signal, instead of do the following:
> >
> Ah, I thought that TApplication and other "T" references in your previous
> post looked suspiciously familiar! Another Pascal user \o/ :)
> Dan
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