[Bf-committers] Migrating Blender builds to Visual Studio 2010

Jürgen Herrmann shadowrom at me.com
Mon Apr 15 18:10:57 CEST 2013

Hi Thomas,

I can't tell yet. I'll evaluate this as soon as I have a full featured build of blender working. Until now we had only builds with certain features turned off. 
I'll provide the build to the community for testing and benchmarking as soon as I have one ;-)
For now this is just a portability step towards vs 2012. Just to find out how everything works together and how to compile everything from scratch.

Am 15.04.2013 um 16:36 schrieb Thomas Dinges <blender at dingto.org>:

> Hi Jürgen,
> Do you know what are the benefits of using VC 2010? Is Blender faster?
> If there are no benefits for the end user, I don't see a reason to switch.
> Regarding CUDA, I really hope nVidia will release a new Toolkit soon, 
> which brings some improvements and support for VC 2012, this would be 
> great.
> Best regards,
> Thomas
> Am 15.04.2013 16:25, schrieb Jürgen Herrmann:
>> Hi Thomas and Gaia,
>> I tried the VS 2012 way before stepping down to 2010.
>> Nvcc can be forced to work with VC 2012, but I don't consider this safe.
>> VC 2012 express supports a good load of features previously only available in pro versions.
>> Even OpenMP is in express now. But the compiler has several flaws. It crashes very often with normal optimization levels (O2 /Ob2).
>> So I found porting to VC 2010 until MS brings patches for the compiler and nvidia brings VC 2012 support would make it a bit easier to take the step from 2010 to 2012 instead of 2008->2012
>> I would volunteer to take over support for the 2010 build system and do the porting to vs 2012 when applicable.
>> Best regards
>> Jürgen
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