[Bf-committers] Why do we need two font files?

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 23 10:56:05 CEST 2012

Hi folks,

I was wondering why do we keep two different fonts for Blender UI? 
Currently, we have one (embeded into Blender binary, bfont.tff) used for 
"non-i18n UI", and another one, much more unicode-complete and heavy 
(5Mo, mostly due to ideograms chars), gzip-compressed and loaded at 
runtime when needed (droidsans.ttf.gz)…

I can understand that size may be a problem, but honnestly, as we anyway 
include both fonts in distrib, I do not see the problem to directly 
embed the unicode version in Blender binary. It would also allow to have 
filenames always show correctly even without translated UI (right now, 
chinese file names e.g. show as “boxes” by default…).

Further more, every time we need to add a char to one of them, editing 
fonts is a pita, as we have to keep them exactly same-looking in the UI 
(and editing tends to generate small shifts, which look strange when 
switching between translated and untranslated UI (in English language), 
and are tedious to get rid of :/).

So why not replace current bfont.ttf by the much more unicode-complete one?

Kind regards,

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