[Bf-committers] Preparing Blender for GateKeeper

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Fri Mar 30 16:57:28 CEST 2012

On Mar 30, 2012, at 9:28 AM, Benjamin Waller wrote:

> Actually the important point here is, that the default setting in OSX
> 10.8 (Mountain Lion) will be to only allow signed software. (the user
> can allow to run any software in the system settings, but probably a
> lot of users would have trouble to start blender.)
> atm, a developer can only sign an app, if he is member of the mac
> developer program (99$/year) (at least I didn't find a way to get the
> necessary developer id without signing up for that program).
> I believe, Apple stated, the registration to sign an app would be free
> in the future (probably when 10.8 is released).
> Anyone who compiles custom builds of blender would have the same problem.
> I guess, those who use builds from graphicall.org or create their own
> are the more advanced users and would disable the gatekeeper function.
> But in my opinion, the official blender release should be signed.
> Benjamin

Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure signing up for the developer program is free, but
you can't sign apps for other people unless you shell out the $99.  I don't remember
the terminology they used when I signed up.

I didn't shell out the $99 and I can download developer tools etc with my account.
Not sure if I can sign anything though.  I'm guessing our platform maintainers have
at least the same status as myself.


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