[Bf-committers] [Patch] Adding new node anchored to pre-menu mouse position

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 22:24:31 CET 2012

, Anyways, just curious what others think, and if they had any ideas on
> the issue/patch, in hopes of getting this issue at least partially
> addressed for the next release.

This is a problem that has been bugging me ever since they changed it
with the new 2.5 blender. In the current way the object is created at
the point where the mouse is when you do the short-cut and this works
OK but if you are a new user and click the menu then it places it
under the menu, really bad,

I think. It gets even worse when working with adding film strips in
the VSE. With the VSE it adds them at the frame that the  mouse was on
when you clicked the menu and this is often about frame 35. Who needs
it there? But the really bad thing about it is that it is not very
obvious that that is what is going on. I was totally confused by the
behavior until someone here explained it to me.

You can in the VSE add move file dialog go over and click on a setting
to place it somewhere else. This works but it is big time eater in a
normal work flow and also clutters up the left hand strip of the file
dialog. it is also hard to find, I mean who would look over there?

One other problem with using the VSE short cut way to place it where
you want is that it is totally hard to be one the right point with the
mouse before you click because there is no feed back about what frame
the mouse currently hovering over!

In 2.4 is was way better!! It was quite simple. You clicked add and
when you popped back (VSE) you had the film strip stuck to the mouse
like an object that has been grabbed in the object editor screen. You
then went to were you want it (with a little readout that told you
what frame you were on!) and drop it there. You needed no extra menu
things in the file dialog, it goes where you want it and you don't
need to read the manual to understand the behavior! The same trick
could be used in the node editor keeping the GUI consistent across the
program. Also ould users of 2.4 would already know how to use it. It
is beyond me why it was ever changed to the current system.

So if you make it like it was in 2.4, I for one will be jumping up and
down and cheering! :-)

Douglas E Knapp

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