[Bf-committers] 3D Cursor and Border Select

Jorge Rodriguez jorge at lunarworkshop.com
Sat Mar 3 00:15:57 CET 2012

I know that this will be an unpopular suggestion but I will raise it anyway.

I would like the team to consider turning the 3D cursor off by default. Not
shown and not settable until turned on. Reasons:

1) It's a specific feature used for specific things, new users don't need
to see or understand it to begin learning Blender.
2) It's a cumbersome way of doing things, we should develop more intuitive
and faster ways of doing what the 3D cursor does.

I'll just go ahead and address what I'm sure will be the main counter
argument: "If you dumb Blender down then you'll get dumb users."

Response 1) Everybody is dumb when they're learning. If we want to increase
adoption we need to make it easier to learn.
Response 2) The user can always turn it back on when they find utility for

Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez
jorge at lunarworkshop.com
twitter: VinoBS

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