[Bf-committers] Reviewing and merging summer of code projects

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Tue Aug 28 17:01:02 CEST 2012

Hi all,

According to the current planning, summer of code projects can start
to get merged after Blender 2.64, which should be released at the end
of September. Like last year Sergey, Campbell and I will spend some
time assisting mentors in getting projects merged.

Ideally we'd like to review stuff as soon as possible, already in
September, so that we can merge early in the 2.65 cycle, but it will
depend on how much work we have for the 2.64 release. We did a quick
review of the status of the projects, and assigned among each other
projects to look into where we thought some merging help was needed.
This may change still, and we may have made some mistakes, but here is
our current thinking:

## Swiss Cheese Branch ##

* OpenGL / Viewport FX: Sergey and Brecht will review.
* Android Port: Alexandr can be in charge of merging here himself, but
Campbell can do a review of the Android port changes, and Sergey and
Brecht will look at OpenGL changes as part of the other project.
* Game Engine Improvements: assuming Dalai and Mitchell will handle this.
* Hive System: not finished yet, does not like it will be ready for merge soon.
* Multitouch: not finished yet, but student will keep working on it.

## Fried Chicken Branch ##

* Bullet Integration: not finished yet, but student will keep working
on it. Campbell and Sergey are interested in reviewing.
* Smoke Simulator: assuming Miika and Daniel will handle this.

## Bratwurst Branch ##

* User Interface: it's unclear how much of this can be merged over,
Campbell and Sergey look into it.
* FBX Import: not finished yet. Campbell is interested in reviewing.
* Texture workflow & tool development: Sergey will review, Brecht will
also look at this.
* Collada Improvements: assuming Tom will review.

## Sushi Branch ##

* Precision Modeling tools: assuming Martin will review, if not Campbell can.
* Mesh Smoothing: assuming Daniel will review, Brecht can review as well.


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