[Bf-committers] Combine Blur Nodes

j.bakker at atmind.nl j.bakker at atmind.nl
Mon Aug 27 11:15:53 CEST 2012

During the developers meeting there was a very small discussion about how
the Bokeh blur node could be integrated with the Blur node.

IMO integrating these nodes into a single node will give some usability
 - the Bokeh blur node uses more and a different context of input sockets
(Blur has image & size, bokeh has image, size, bokeh & border)
It might be better to combine the bokeh blur with the defocus node as they
share the same code and the defocus node could use a face lift.

Our current featureset:
 - Gaussian blurs with selected filter types
 - Variable size gaussian blurs
 - Fast gaussian blur
 - Fixed size Bokeh blur
 - Variable size bokeh blur
 - Defocus (Variable size bokeh blur based on camera + fstop and threshold)

Currently there are 2 places where the Variable size bokeh blur can be
 - Bokeh blur node (connect data, select Variable Size option)
 - Defocus node (connect data, deselect Z-Buffer)

My proposal would be to
 - Remove the lens options from the defocus node and use the bokeh image
node to be more feature complete. We can automatically add the bokeh image
when loading older files. Currently this is done on the fly and hidden from
the user.
 - Add border rendering option to the defocus node. this will make the
inputs and of the bokeh + defocus the same.
 - Rename the defocus node to Camera blurs (...)
 - Add a selection option to the camera blur to 
 'Depth of field' => display fstop, threshold, max blur
 'Variable Size' => display maxblur
 'Fixed Size' 

Depth of field will do a depth conversion, Variable blur will just use the
values and fixed will just read a single value and use it in the whole

In the future I recon that more blur nodes are needed. But we should need
to keep it to good balance between number of options in a node versus total
number of nodes.

Best regards, 

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