[Bf-committers] mingw cmake Vista with cycles complains

Antony Riakiotakis kalast at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 20:33:22 CEST 2012

-j4 means "use 4 threads (jobs) for make execution". I am not sure if
mingw32-make uses it properly but I have it there just in case..make
on unix does use it. The  WITH_IMAGE_OPENEXR exists for sure, even in
cmakegui. Check for it because it is needed to compile openimageio. It
seems though that your errors are compiler-conflict related. Make sure
you have the latest MinGW installed, that you have MinGW in your path
and that you use the MinGW makefile generator for cmake. A clean
build(delete everything from your build directory) with the correct
parameters may be needed or some libraries may still reference
functions for another compiler.

About the command line, yes, it's a batch file located in the build
directory. My own directory structure is blender/ , blender-build/ ,
lib/ and build.bat in C:/src/ To build I simply double click
build.bat. The batch file also does an automatic update of svn(needs
latest tortoisesvn with command line tools option during install to
work) and prints the latest changes from svn. In the end I also strip
the executables to make them smaller. The entire contents of the file

cd c:\src\blender
svn log -r BASE:HEAD
svn up

cd c:\src\blender-build

del CMakeCache.txt
mingw32-make install -j4
cd bin
strip blender.exe
strip blenderplayer.exe
cd ..\..\

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