[Bf-committers] inconsistencies in the blender GUI (tooltips) ?

Jass gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Sep 26 18:17:45 CEST 2011


while trying to make the translation of the Blender GUI i found some
issues in the Blender default language.
I was told to report my findings in this mailinglist.

So here is what i found today. Please forgive me if i am wrong but
IMHO the tooltips should be adressed to noobs and hence they
should contain clearly understandable statements.

orig:  (what i found in the Blender default language)
new: (what i propose to use instead in the default language)

==== begin ====

1.) File -> new  (tooltip)

orig: ...(doesn't save the current file)
new: ...(does not save the current Blender session to file)

2.) File -> Save As ...  and File -> Save as copy...

use the same tooltip. the tooltip does not give any explanation
about the differences between the two functions.

I propose (for the tooltip):

   store with different filename; save as copy...: same, but keep old 
filename in current session

3.) File -> Recover last session (tool tip)

orig:  Open the last closed file ("quit.blend")
new: Open the last saved Blender Session (from "quit.blend")

4.) Recover Autosafe (tool tip)

orig: Open an automatically saved file to recover it
new: Recover current session from an automatically saved backup file

5.) User Preferences (tooltip)

orig: Show/Hide user preferences
new: Open User preference panel

6.) Save User settings (tooltip)

orig: make the current file the default .blend file
new: Save the current session as default session (used in File -> new)

7.) Load Factory Settings (tool tips)

orig:  load default file and user preferences
new: Load original Blender Factory settings (does not save the current 
session to file)

==== end ====


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