[Bf-committers] viewport bug #27979

Matthias Fauconneau matthias.fauconneau at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 13:55:26 CEST 2011


It's good to see some progress, I hope you'll manage to get your
changes eventually integrated and find the time to also do the frustum
culling while you're at it.

It would much clearer if you use blender's vector/matrix operators.
I think it would be more efficient to directly compute the distance
between world space object BB center and world space view position.
It would also avoid sort ordering changes when panning (looking around).
Ideally the world space BB center should be computed only once (and
not on every redraw)

There is no perfect way to rasterize overlapping transparent objects.
Sorting objects will work in most case since transparent objects are
rare in a typical scene.
To achieve better handling of overlapping you'd also need to sort the geometry.
In some cases, you'd also even have to cut intersecting triangles.
You can also use depth peeling (accurate but complex) or alpha to
coverage (dithered but easy) to approximate order independent
transparency (and thus avoid any geometry sorting).

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