[Bf-committers] Arabic support in text editing

Yousef Hurfoush bat3a at msn.com
Mon Oct 24 16:30:33 CEST 2011

Hi dalai

i know the fork i proposed is NOT the way it should be, i think going 
the further mile is the best approach, but that WILL take a big amount of
time and commitment to revamp the text drawing aligorithm in blender.

So, i think doing a simple procedure of implementing the arabic_to_utf operator
is best for more internationalization as currently there are no 3D package provide
RTL languages in the text object.

Another approach i found is using special font's with replaced char map with the language
you want to implement, which what i use now, but we still need to reverse the order.

here is a sample of the word "yousef" -> 'يوسف' :

> I would take a look at some library that we can used with freetype2 (our
> current text drawing low-level library). To re-create the wheels ourselves
> seems a bit overkill to me.
> This text has a good overview, Panda caught my eyes there:
> http://behdad.org/text/
> There is more to complex scripting than replacing the arabic letters by
> their presentation form. This is needed, but should happen under the hood at
> drawing time only imho.
> That said, given that ui drawing is likely the most daily demanding usage of
> text, I think "pre-baked" .po is still a great idea (I'm trying to improve
> the py script btw)


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