[Bf-committers] redo operator with last used settings (patch)

Domino Marama domino at dominodesigns.info
Mon Oct 17 00:12:06 CEST 2011

Reply to Douglas E Knapp's comment:

> > Problem is that if you press num 7 top view and add a grid you can't
> > see what is there until you go into edit mode and at that point you
> > can't change it. I know that in a perfect calculated world you would
> > just figure out what you need beforehand but it often does not work
> > out that way. After all we are artists and not math students. :-) You
> > get that same problem with a smooth sphere sometimes to, I want to SEE
> > the verts and lines as I adjust it.

Tick this box :)

File -> User Preferences -> Editing -> New Objects -> Enter Edit Mode

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