[Bf-committers] Proposal: Object creation

Thomas Volkmann thomas at heulfritze.de
Tue Oct 4 12:19:22 CEST 2011

Maybe the sphere wasn't the best example...I'll try another one:
Torus-knot-addon. You have to decide what it should look like the instant you
add it to your scene. If you want to change it after you added other stuff, you
have to completly redo it :/

Michael Williamson <michaelw at cowtoolsmedia.co.uk> hat am 4. Oktober 2011 um
12:07 geschrieben:

> As someone who almost never wishes I could go back and change object
> parameters because a cube, sphere, pyramid or whatever is only useful
> 99.99% of the time as some geometry to start editing into something else....
> I have a couple of questions.
> The appeal of modelling in blender is that it's just so much more
> immediate than other tools.
> Having the object locked to only its initial creation parameters when
> entering edit mode sounds very cumbersome.
> How will you make it not so?
> Also, how will your system work if I add an object whilst in edit mode?
> There was a python solution a while back that would allow you to do
> transforms etc and then go back and change the creation parameters as
> long as you hadn't edited the created mesh.
>    (entering edit mode was the key there I believe)
> IIRC it only worked on primitives created in python rather than the
> native ones, but if that worked for all primitives It strikes me that is
> a much more "blender" solution...
> Seriously though, in "real world" use rather than theoretical tests does
> anyone use a primitive /without /editing it? for me that's so rare i'd
> class it as almost never.
> On 04/10/11 10:35, "Martin Bürbaum" wrote:
> > Thomas Volkmann<thomas at heulfritze.de>  wrote:
> >> +1
> >> That means for example, that you can change the segmentsnumber of a
> >> sphere at any later time (as long as you didn't do anything else to it).
> >> Did I get that correctly?
> > Pretty much, yes.
> >
> > Not sure how the needed changes would break existing tools and scripts,
> > though.
> > e.g. The generated mesh data would still be there, but scripts can not edit
> > them (or depending on implementation, not find them at all).
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Martin
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