[Bf-committers] grading w/ compositor

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 22:56:51 CET 2011

> *With big resolution it is slow  indeed. The indea was to make it use a*
> * background job so that it does not freeze the UI while updating
> (threading
> is also an option). I had a patch in the tracker for this but due to some
> update notifier problem it was causing lots of redraw of the image and
> scope regions so it was never applied to trunk, maybe now the situation is
> better and it is worth taking another look a it.*

- are they computed if collapsed (since we can't really close them) ? by
that I mean, if I collapse all of them except the waveform, it is the only
one computed ?

*I don't find them hard to see, but as the original coder of the scopes I*
> * had some feedback where people do not understand that it is min/max and
> tought it was garbage. This king of style customusation is easy for anybody
> with C/OpenGL knowlage, but it would be better to have a clear goal before
> messing the code just for personal ahesteic preferences.*

the min/max makes perfect sense to me and the design is great.  I just feel
like its hard to see especially when you want to make those lines match.
Plus they disappear in those rounded corners which is a bit annoying. maybe
it is the default grey background which makes it hard to see it. Like I
almost didn't noticed the grid and values with the light gray

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