[Bf-committers] Node system for game logic

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Sat May 28 17:00:58 CEST 2011


it looks like design questions of GameKit should somehow be considered

currently, as it is mentioned

>with some basic Lua

 GameKit has no python system, but lua one.
also while hive system has some merits - it is not the only approach,

I like this one
( based on series of articles
so this system is really designed with  games in mind - not just connect
objects - maybe I missed something - but hive system is just overuse of
python capabilities to bring objects together but if it can streamline game
creation still to be seen )

so which system to use and how still is a question to be discussed.

But the narrow part of the story is interface to program games ( there are
tools out there such as GameMaker - but it adds nothing special over current
Blender capabilities ).

If there is working system on interface front to program games without
 - and this  main question is resolved - then other questions can be

now the point is if without interface hive system fits into Blender Game
engine and if it has potential to fulfill NodeLogic proposal or NodeLogic
can be coded with the use of Moguri system + some ideas from

as we seen - Ogre was re licensed - but before it proved to be viable system
in a first place


On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 6:32 PM, Xavier Thomas <xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hi,
> Speeking of gamekit, it has a node logic system MIT lisenced. You can
> take a look at that if you want, it is C++ with some basic Lua
> bindings.
> Having a code generator that generates code from node tree is
> definitely possible but more complicated than simply evaluating a
> tree. There is code that does that (GPL unfortunately) to compile the
> material node tree to GLSL code for viewport and game engine.
> Xavier

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