[Bf-committers] Copy Data Path and API doc organization

Damir Prebeg blend.factory at gmail.com
Thu May 19 09:31:39 CEST 2011

Hi there,

It would be much more useful if we could copy full data path and not
just the last part of it. For instance, If I copy data path of x
render resolution, all I get is "render.resolution_x". And under witch
module or class lives that render? It's like you are giving me a
street name with a number but you don't want to tell me in witch city
that street is located.
IMO, that string should look like this: bpy.context.scene.render.resolution_x.
And in the tool tip for the same field I see "Python:
RenderSettings.resolution_x". WTH... What RenderSettings? Where can I
fin them?

Click on view docs will take me to doc page where I see what
resolution_x represents and that's nice info. But again, under witch
class resolution_x is located? Logic tells me that parent class of
resolution_x is stated on top of that page. And what I find there is
that base class of resolution_x is bpy_struct because it clearly says:
base class - bpy_struct ?!?
And on the page of bpy_struct I get this info: "Note that
bpy.types.bpy_struct is not actually available from within blender, it
only exists for the purpose of documentation". WTH?!?!  And how TH can
I get that freaking resolution_x when that bpy_struct thing isn't

Just caricaturing but all the same...

I'm sorry to say but IMO old API docs has been more useful (especially
to beginners) than current ability to get docs directly from Blender.
It's nice to know that resolution_x is part of RenderSettings class
but that's quite useless since it's not clearly stated that render is
off RenderSettings class and that render is located under

I'm sure that current doc organization is logic and readable to
developers and hard core masters of Blender (like Bassam (-:) but for
the rest of us, that's just another Blender's labyrinth...

Best regards,


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