[Bf-committers] About sculpt.brush_stroke Operator

Anthony LAU lauliullt at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 10:21:33 CEST 2011


Has anyone tried to use bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke() before?
Are you able to supply your own set of 3D coordinates instead
to control sculpting brush movement?

From the Current PyAPI, this operator has an attribute called "stroke"
which is a bpy_prop_collection of OperatorStrokeElement
bpy.types.OperatorStrokeElement contains some properties like
location that I thought I could use it to pass new coordinates. 
However, I ran into problems on initialization - not sure what kind of parameter 
it needs to initialize. (bpy_struct is a bit too generic... )

I searched around for existing similar examples, but so far none of them actually used this 
sculpting operator. I'm working on a tracking project that is already hooked with Blender and
I'm trying to build some input interfaces to access some of the Blender's modelling functions,
such as the sculpting. I initially expected bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke may allow me to
feed in streams of 3D coordinates to control the sculpt brush in 3D space. But now I'm really
not certain if I'm looking at the right operator or bpy method.

So is it possible to use this operator to take control of sculpting brush without the use of mouse/tablet
OR it's simply impossible/disallowed to do so at the moment?



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