[Bf-committers] Participating GSoC and the 'straighten' tool

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 21:59:54 CET 2011

Hi Tom,

>Roadkill is a plugin for Maya,

not only - but also stand alone tool, so it is easy to debug.

>From the manual it doesn't appear to have any other additional features.

actually it is pretty easy to find what was different


In Blender Artists Forum we agreed that most welcomed features for UV work
in Blender that Roadkill may offer are:

- stretch visualisation: this was once in tuhopuu, the code can be ported to
the current version;
- auto unwrap when changing seams;
- edge/loop selection and seam editing in the UV editor: may be added once
bmesh is there;
- intelligent stitching (big UV peaces do not move, smaller are connected);
- possibility to see (output) UV maps of more objects not jstu one in UV
editor without joining them into one mesh.

there were other features mentioned along with mentioning RoadKill and
Blender ( on the net )

And that is what I can't find in Blender so far to help me do this:

- Highlighting in the uv editor islands that share borders with the current
- Non-uniform scale in the uv editor
- Weld selected vertices if the distance between them lies within a certain
- For "pack charts" be able to choose an "island margin" as well


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