[Bf-committers] New WeightVGroup Modifier

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 1 15:36:16 CET 2011

Hi everybody

I’ve been working hard this weekend :D

So I’ve updated my WeightVGroup modifier proposition, with mainly four 
new important changes :

     * You can now use the reference object’s geometry to compute 
(minimal) distance to the vertices of the affected object (from tobias’ 

     * Also, the modifier can now add/remove vertices from the vertex 
group, based on their final computed weight. This makes this modifier 
also useful for modifiers that do not use vgroup weights, like e.g. the 
Mask one.

     * There’s now a mapping power factor, which allows non-linear 
mappings between the dist and the weight factor (btw, I’ve seen some 
suggestions about a color ramp to control the dist2weight mapping, seems 
a good idea, I’ll work on it ;) ).

     * Finally, a new mode, Static, allows you to affect the vgroup with 
a constant weight factor, or another VGroup weights. This allows you, 
among other things, to do some basic actions on vgroup, like clamp, 
bust-out null-weighted vertices from the vgroup, etc.

Also, there’s now an optimized build for Debian testing amd64:
     * Debug: 
     * Optimized: 

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