[Bf-committers] Changing mul_m4_m4m4 argument order

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Thu Dec 15 15:51:19 CET 2011


The argument order of the mul_m4_m4m4 C math function is inconsistent
with the others. This has always been the case, but I only recently
found this out, it explains quite a bit of confusion I've had in the
past working with matrices. Python is not affected by this.

For the details, see here:

It's easy to fix this in trunk, the main issue is for branches, just
changing the order of arguments to mul_m4_m4m4 will not show up as
conflicts in merges. A solution would be to change the function to a
different name. Do you think this is needed, and does anyone have a
good suggestion for a different name? I guess that would also cause
some confusion, but hopefully much less.


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