[Bf-committers] Request for feature: colored point clouds

Jace Priester jacepriester at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 07:34:58 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

I'd like to request a feature added (or fixed?), which is colored point
clouds. As-is, if I import a point cloud via PLY or some other format with
vertex colors specified, they simply show as black. This is because vertex
colors are only supported for faces. I had a hacked together script that
takes a PLY and converts vertices to small tetrahedrons, and then vertex
colors display properly. This is terrible for file size, memory, and speed
reasons, plus the tetrahedrons don't display as "nicely" as pure verts do.

So basically, I'd like Blender fixed or otherwise modified so that vertex
colors display for verts not connected to faces. It would save me a fair
amount of time and headache if this were patched sooner rather than later,
and I know everyone is busy, so if someone could make the modification (and
maybe make me a Windows build??) I'd be willing to pay for this. I'd be
happy to assist in any way I can. I've done plenty of software development
but never on Blender, and I'm occupied with other stuff at the moment.

Here are some test files for anyone that wants to check out the current
http://www.threespaceimaging.com/dl/shoe_part_verts_only.ply (5MB)
http://www.threespaceimaging.com/dl/shoe_part_tetrahedrons.ply (27MB)

When importing tetrahedrons, add a material to the object and check
Shadeless as well as Vertex Color Paint. You should see whites, grays, and
pink sections. You can do the same with the verts-only version and confirm
that it does not work as expected.

Thanks everyone - feel free to contact with any questions.


Jace Priester
jacepriester at gmail.com

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